For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 21+)

About Me

Hi there! My name is Cathy. I’m a fun-loving open-minded person who loves travelling, photography (especially erotic photography), art (and all things creative), porn (yes you read that right), dancing, and a good sense of humor.

I’m married, but my husband and I have a very open marriage and it works well for us.

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If you have any comments or questions for me please contact me at: webadmin[at]

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60 Responses to About Me

  1. says:

    Flippin ‘eck Cathy!! You are gorgeous. You’re hubby is an extremely lucky bloke.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hey Cathy just wanted to say my wife and I love your blog and started to read your reviews We have been chatting alot and opening up with each other sexually and wanting to try new things. She is, as I mentioned in some of my comments, in a cover band and loves it. She is the only woman in the band too. She plays bass guitar. She has a total crush on the drummer too. I am heterosexual but this guy IS hot. She says he never wears a shirt at practice, NEVER. And always either tight jeans, leather or vinyl pants. She has been in this band about a year now and next month is their first gig.

    we love the porn side of your site and the fun rated R side of it too. Continue success and might I say you are one foxy hot chick.

  3. Okay says:

    Great work 🙂

  4. Lenoir Gold says:

    Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again 🙂 I honestly believe you have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen… it has already melted my heart, so be careful… it just might start melting the polar ice cap!! ♥

  5. SPC Samuel Eugene McClard II says:

    How open? Do I have a chance at getting you to “open” your legs for me so I can savor your sexual sweetness between your sexy legs?

  6. bob bergerson says:

    fuckin ah c this is beautiful damn you are already married you are my dream girl thank you n youre husband is a lucky man

  7. justbowser says:

    would like to see more of you all i see is youre face in the shaodow so far th rest is freakin awsome

  8. justbowser says:

    wow what fun really

  9. Ferg says:

    Love your page Cath. Keep up the high standard and I’ll always keep coming back x

  10. damu2gyo says:

    wow luv that bringin down the house oh my nice work cat

  11. Roland Wolfgang Friedrich says:


  12. How can I join your mailing list so to speak as I enjoy your work and it fascinates me how you can animate a photo, I also like to learn more about the porn industry as we are a bit restricted here in Australia.

  13. George dunn says:

    I love you cathy I like all you picture

  14. coolref2u coolref2u says:

    this is a great site, thanks for sharing all the pics–hugs–Dan

  15. sam says:

    canthy, i enjoyed hot like anything, thanks snd me everday in my mail and make me hot.

  16. damu2gyo says:

    oh cat i love what you do its very tastfully put on google and the nyou let it rip here you are an outstanding woman please keep me in youre circlei may get a little crude sometimes but im a man right? anyway keep it up cause you keep me up or something kisses bob

  17. Eric Eric says:

    Hi Cathy, I enjoy your blog every time I visit.. Thanks for the clips on here and others on your G+ page.. I always end up with my hand down my pants and leaving satisfied 😉

  18. Jah-Anshan says:

    My first time here, be nice.

  19. Naughty Cathy says:

    Thanks a lot guys, it’s good to know someone appreciates your work! 🙂

  20. Lewis Stong says:

    Thank you for connecting with Richard’s Onania . Org/asm web site. Check out my blog on Tumblr. Like millions of men I am in a sexless marriage that was caused by menopause. Enjoy your sexuality while you can. Savor every pleasure and orgasm…….as it’s been a trip being with a hot women who is now in full on menopause.

    She is afraid to be intimate these days because her “yoni” is too dry and hurts too much. She is attempting some hormonal cream but it is too soon to tell.

    If you ever want to connect with me, just write to me on my email or through tumblr. Like your blog. Keep up the great work.

  21. brettcit says:

    I love your blog. I can’t get enough of the girls you put on here
    especially the self shots and the public nudity. I would love to be able to find girls like that.

  22. sven goldbeck says:

    Heja Cathy!
    I love your block, Its great will all your pics and films,
    great job!

  23. rob says:


    You always have the hottest women on G+, then I finally follow a link back here and god damn you’ve been holding out on us G+ -ers! Find some more women maturbating, I love it so much.

    And yeah, I agree with the others, your smile is sexy as hell!

  24. Sean says:

    My dear you are like Aphrodites prodigy. Its wonderful that your so open and created this blog. Shame that your taken but somebody has to be the lucky one. Kudos to you and your blog

  25. Randywilliam says:

    Thanks keep on doing what you are doing it keep us guys entertained especially those of us that adore females and enjoy what they do the only problem we do not get to know and contact them
    Once again thanks

  26. thesexualfemale says:

    I love your blog!

  27. Dick says:

    Just discovered your site and will be sharing it with my girlfriend. You are fantastic! Thanks, Cathy. Keep it up . . .

  28. Anonymous says:

    Love your reviews.

  29. millan says:

    I want to assist you. Will you teach me ??

  30. Free Soul says:

    I have nothing against nudism, but don’t I feel nudity should be conceder an art form,I know That can be debatable, just look at the works of Michelangelo, the italian artist one of the best artist of his time, I know art is like beauty it lies in the eyes who see it and or the ears who hear it, having just said all of that where dose one draw the line between art and smut?

    • Walther says:

      Frankly? I do not think there’s such a line. Smut, as pretty much everything else in the world, is a subset of Art.

      You can recognize smut because it’s material which was created with the intent to excite the watcher, to give them an erection (or make them wet).

      But art? After Marcel Duchamp managed to make a piece of art out of an urinal (to which he only added his signature), I can quite confidently say that anything goes for what can be considered art. It’s such a subjective and abstract concept that nothing and everything fits.

  31. Roly says:

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    Please contact me.
    Best regards,

  32. Azeal says:

    Do you read erotica? I’ve written quite a few stories that seem to be well liked and would love to share them with you.

  33. benti says:

    cathy …. I am from india … why do women look down on porn .. why cant they appreciate it like u?

  34. nomasik6 says:

    my word is excitement !I’m wroikng with some copper wires and designing a butterfly charm for some friends I love your colorful friendly looking butterfly guy ! Make me thing of springtime but you know winter is going to be digging in her heals for awhile . – KAT –

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