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Attention to details is the difference between a good picture and an exceptional photo :-)

Paying attention to details is the most important thing in being a photographer. I don’t want to be mean or rude or anything, but you’d think with a fancy couch like that as a backdrop, the guys at MET Art would at least have turned the pillow around so the zipper doesn’t show.

Site: MET Art (MET Art review)
Girl: Anita C, Photo set: Totally
Nude photography and attention to details

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Fancy nude photography

Fancy nude lady

Fancy nudity by MET Art

NSFW and the attention to details

Fancy nudes by MET Art

Fancy nudes and erotic photography

High quality, fancy and classy nudes

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Having a fit and flexible body is a wonderful feeling money can’t buy :-)

A flexible body is a sign of good health and comfortable lifestyle. Some people are born with flexible muscles, however, most of us need to sweat our way out to a flexible and fit body structure. It can be pretty challenging to build, maintain and sustain a fantastic, fit and flexible body for long term health and well being, so it’s important to understand what having fit and flexible body means to our quality of life and overall well-being.

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Girl: Anita, Video that I made the below GIFs from: Fit and flexible
Fit and flexible nude girl


There are lots of benefits of a flexible body. The biggest by far is that a flexible body looks and feels younger, but having a flexible body also reduces joint stiffness and helps to improve body posture and balance.

Nude girl being fit and flexible


Fit and flexible body is not just the fashion of the era. There are many reasons why having a flexible body is essential to our health and well-being. Flexibility helps to prevent everyday injury, improve your posture, lengthen your muscles for a longer leaner look, allow you to feel more free, open, calm, content, and confident from the inside out and spread prana (life force) into your cells, which invigorates your spirit.

Sexy and fit flexible redhead


Having a flexible body also means better blood circulation as well. This will lead to the blood being able to reach your muscles to bring nourishment to your cells.

Fit and flexible FTV girl

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Redheads are not going extinct :-)

Despite a long-running rumor that redheads deserve a spot on the endangered species list, redheads are here to stay. While only four percent of the world’s population carries the recessive redhead gene, that number will probably only decrease as redheads reproduce with non-redheads. So over time, red hair may become more rare, but scientists believe that four percent of the population is still a relatively large number, too large to be wiped out completely anytime soon. And there’s even a dating website called whose motto is to save the redheads and is in place to connect redheads with other redheads. 🙂

Site: Errotica Archives (Errotica Archives review)
Girl: Anna Tatu Photo set: Smussato
Redheads are not going extinct

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Redheads are here to stay

Anna Tatu is a gorgeous redhead woman

Nude redhead Anna Tatu

A beautiful redhead posing nude

A sexy redhead Anna Tatu

Redheads: Hot or Not?

They say gentlemen prefer redheads

Guys are particularly attracted to redheads

Do men really love natural Red HeadsYou can download a ZIP file with the complete gallery in higher resolution at Errotica Archives!

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