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Google Images vs. Bing Images: which has better results? :-)

A comparison of a Bing image search and a Google image search without filters on. There is a bit of a difference. 🙂

As a quick test, I searched for “nude”, “pussy”, “boobs”, “porn”, “hardcore”, “sex” and ”getting fucked” on both Bing Images and Google Images to compare the results.

Google Images: nude
Google Images nude
Bing Images: nude
Bing Images nude

Google Images: pussy
Google Images pussy
Bing Images: pussy
Bing Images pussy

Google Images: boobs
Google Images boobs
Bing Images: boobs
Bing Images boobs

Google Images: porn
Google Images porn
Bing Images: porn
Bing Images porn

Google Images: hardcore
Google Images hardcore
Bing Images: hardcore
Bing Images hardcore

Google Images: sex
Google Images sex
Bing Images: sex
Bing Images sex

Google Images: getting fucked
Google Images getting fucked
Bing Images: getting fucked
Bing Images getting fucked

It seems like Bing’s search results are starting to accurately reflect internet user browsing habits. 🙂

Poll: Which do you prefer – Google Images or Bing Images?

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