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Erotic Art

Stunningly realistic lifelike nude women paintings by Omar Ortiz :-)

I have to admit, if the artist himself wasn’t in the shot, I wouldn’t have guessed that these were oil paintings. 🙂

Cielo Rojo
Cielo Rojo Amazing details

Cielo Rojo Amazing details2

Cielo Rojo Amazing details3


Omar Ortiz is the man with the magic hands behind these exquisite works of art. 🙂

El autoabrazo
El autoabrazo

El autoabrazo2


I’m completely mesmerized by Omar Ortiz’s ability to paint the human body with such detail. 🙂

La Mascara del Satiro
La Mascara del Satiro

La Mascara del Satiro4

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Here’s Omar Ortiz’s blog. It’s NSFW, obviously.

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