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Old and Young

Age difference doesn’t matter, it is how much you love the person that does :-)

Well, I guess the statement in the title isn’t completely true. I agree with the notion that age is just a state of mind. There are so many older people that have the mentality of someone who is younger, and so many younger people who act like mature adults. Couples with large age gaps are common in every culture throughout the world and throughout history. Some age-gap marriages have outlasted many of their same-age rivals, due solely to the hard work, effort, love, trust and respect put into them. However, to assume that age disparity is irrelevant would be unrealistic and totally false.

All the GIFs below are from Beauty And The Senior, which is probably the most popular old/young porn site out there right now with exclusive episodes of young Russian and other Eastern European women getting banged by horny old men that are often three times their age. The 40 or 50 year age difference doesn’t seem to matter here.

Girl: Caroline, Video that I made the GIF from: Caroline and Paul
Old and young sex


According to research, older men prefer younger women because they are more moldable and because of their looks and the fact that they will keep their youthful look and sexual attractiveness for a while longer. On the other side, younger women prefer older men because they are more emotionally sympathetic, more intellectually stimulating and spiritually maturer.

Girl: Anna, Video that I made the GIF from: Anna and Eugene
Horny old man and young woman


In today’s modern society, an older man dating a younger woman draws very little attention; if anything, a smirk, but not much else. Although many comedians joke about age-gap relationships, a significant age difference doesn’t make a relationship any less real or meaningful, though it may create some challenges that don’t exist when partners are about the same age.

Girl: Jenny, Video that I made the GIF from: Jenny and Jack
Grandpa with teenager sex


No matter what the age difference, the couple should enjoy the relationship while it lasts.

Girl: Simone, Video that I made the GIF from: Simone and Dan
Dirty old man hooking up with sexy young girls

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The age gap should not matter between two people. As long as they are in love :-)

It’s actually proven that older guys are better for girls 🙂

Site: Jim Slip (I reviewed it a couple months ago); Title: A teen dream from heaven
Jim Slip - A teen dream from heaven

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