For those of you who are not offended by naughty stuff, sexy stuff, nudity and adult-oriented materials. (Adults only; 21+)


Who’s been naughty? :-)

It’s confession time again. Who’s been naughty and deserves a good spanking? 🙂

Site: Anilos, Title: Naughty Teacher, Girl: Anna Joy
Anna Joy from Anilos is a naughty teacher

For a list of the best female domination sites I had the chance to review, check out this page:
Female Domination Sites

Poll: Do you like a little spanky with your hanky panky?

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The famous Lightspeed girls :-)

The Lightspeed girls are famous for having that girl-next-door look. 🙂
I reviewed Lightspeed World five years ago, at the beginning of my porn reviewing career. 🙂

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Erotic spanking is probably the most socially acceptable form of sensation play or BDSM :-)

Spanking can spice up any relationship. 🙂

Have you been or are you a member of a spanking porn site?
Yes, several times.
Yes, once.
No, but I am thinking about joining one in the near future..
No, and I never will.
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A friend of mine said that the best female butts are firm and raised, but still prominent in the shape of her curves. :-)

Which one is your fav: left, middle or right?
Left (red panties).
Middle (pink panties).
Right (pink panties).
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Ouch! That must’ve hurt :-)

Spanking is not my favorite niche. I always try to avoid to review a spanking site if I can. 🙂

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A little spanking can be erotic; too much becomes a turnoff :-)

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