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What do girls do in the girls locker room :-)

This is what most guys think happen in the girls locker room. :-)

Site: Les Archive
Scene: Five girls
Girls: Chelsea, Kristen, Susane, Grace, Shelly

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Poll: Have you ever peeked in the opposite sex's locker room?

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4 Responses to What do girls do in the girls locker room :-)

  1. ndveitch ndveitch says:

    :D Cathy you do know how to keep my imagination young :) Thank-you

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  2. C Moore says:

    Yep. Was awesome, but with other guys fighting for viewing time, it wasn’t THAT awesome.

    And the women getting dressed were, sadly, NOT doing this.

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    • Naughty Cathy says:

      Lol, well, fantasies and reality are two different things. :-)

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